Am I a Candidate for MonaLisa Touch™?

Are you experiencing these symptoms? MonaLisa Touch™ may be right for you.

  • Shortening and tightening of the vaginal canal
  • Lack of vaginal moisture (vaginal dryness)
  • Vaginal burning and itching
  • Discomfort or pain during intercourse
  • Pain or burning with urination

Cancer treatment may cause a change in your vaginal health

  • Removal of ovaries (surgical menopause)
  • Chemotherapy treatment
  • Pelvic radiation therapy
  • Hormonal therapy for breast cancer
  • Anticancer drugs such as Tamoxifen

How We Determine if MonaLisa Touch™ is Right For You

If a patient is experiencing vaginal discomfort it is important to contact a doctor or gynecologist. A patient’s healthy history will be discussed to find out how long the patient has been experiencing the symptoms. A pelvic exam will also be done to check for thinning or redness in the vagina and to rule out any additional causes of discomfort such as a urinary tract infection. A Pap test may also be done to test the cells in the vaginal wall or cervix.

 What are Your Treatment Options for Vaginal Dryness?

There are a variety of estrogen therapies for vaginal atrophy, such as topical creams and oral medications. For some women, these forms of treatment do not completely improve symptoms. Topical estrogen may not be recommended for women who have breast cancer (especially if they are taking an aromatase inhibitor), women who have a history of endometrial cancer or women who have undiagnosed bleeding.

Since 2008, MonaLisa Touch™ has been successfully treating women with vaginal atrophy. MonaLisa Touch™ is the ideal treatment for patients who are looking for a less invasive procedure, compared to traditional surgical or pharmaceutical treatments. MonaLisa Touch™ is well suited for women with breast cancer who cannot or prefer not to receive estrogen therapy.

This painless in-office procedure uses a CO2 laser to help rejuvenate the vaginal cells in order to increase collagen production and restore vaginal health. Many women report immediate results following the first treatment.

Ready to Be Yourself Again?