An Overview of MonaLisa Touch Laser Cost and how the Treatment is Unique

MonaLisa Touch™, offered at the Plano, Frisco and Dallas, Texas area office of Mona Lisa Partners, is the only technology for vaginal and vulvar health with over 18 published clinical studies. This non-surgical, in-office vaginal revitalization system truly leads the way in innovative vaginal health treatments. It is the only vaginal atrophy treatment with proprietary technology that allows deeper vaginal tissue penetration to achieve maximum results. While MonaLisa Touch laser cost may be higher than other treatments such as hormone therapy and creams, the long-lasting results make it a top treatment option for many women.

Vaginal Atrophy Prevalence

It is estimated 40% of women during and after menopause suffer from vaginal atrophy symptoms caused by a continuous decline in estrogen levels. Common vaginal atrophy symptoms include vaginal dryness, itching and burning, painful intercourse and pain with urination.

It is reported that 60% of cancer sufferers/survivors are affected by vaginal atrophy during and after cancer treatment.

Traditional Vaginal Atrophy Treatments

Many women utilize traditional vaginal atrophy treatments that have been around for years, such as hormone replacement therapy, creams, lotions and vaginal lubricants. The effectiveness of these treatments is very dependent on the patient’s willingness to follow treatment protocol. The effects are also short-lived and diminish when the patient misses just one treatment.

MonaLisa Touch Treatment™

MonaLisa Touch is an in-office, non-surgical treatment that utilizes a controlled CO2 laser system to deliver energy to unhealthy vaginal tissue. The laser energy is designed to revitalize the vaginal tissue cells so they increase collagen production. The additional collagen helps alleviate painful vaginal dryness, itching and burning. The procedure is virtually pain-free, with only some patients reporting discomfort the first time the probe is inserted in the vaginal canal.

This option requires only three treatments at 6 week intervals, and possibly doctor recommended maintenance treatments, in order to achieve maximum relief from vaginal atrophy symptoms. Women will no longer have to worry about remembering a treatment dose each and every day.

MonaLisa Touch continues to gain popularity in women going through natural menopause, medically-induced menopause and cancer survivors. This treatment option is of particular benefit for women who are looking for a long-term treatment and/or have been advised not to utilize hormone therapy. Because of this, the higher MonaLisa Touch laser cost compared to creams, lotions and hormone therapy is not a major concern to countless women.

It is important to note that at this time health insurance does not cover this treatment. MonaLisa Touch is considered an “elective” treatment. Women are encouraged to contact Mona Lisa Partner’s office directly to learn more about full treatment cost since the actual cost may vary slightly. Financing is available to patients, if necessary.

The piece of mind of no more daily pills, lotions or creams, as well as the fast-acting and long-lasting treatment results, makes MonaLisa Touch an ideal vaginal atrophy treatment for women.

If you live in the Plano, Frisco and Dallas, Texas communities and would like detailed information on MonaLisa Touch laser cost, please contact the office of Mona Lisa Partners today to learn more about this innovative vaginal atrophy treatment.