You Can Now Reduce Dryness ‘Down There’

If you are dry ‘down there,’ you are not alone. Countless women notice changes in the vaginal area during and after menopause. Women can thank declining estrogen levels for the common, yet uncomfortable, vaginal dryness symptom. Women living in the Plano, Frisco and Dallas, Texas communities can find relief with MonaLisa Touch™ vaginal revitalization, a long-lasting, safe and effective female dryness cure available at Mona Lisa Partners.

What Causes Vaginal Dryness?

Before the unwelcome stages of menopause, the skin and tissues around the vagina are kept moist and healthy by fluids and mucus produced by glands at the neck of the womb. Estrogen, the main female hormone, affects these glands and vaginal tissue. Estrogen plays an important role in keeping the vaginal tissue thick, elastic and properly hydrated.

During menopause, the ovaries begin producing less estrogen. The decline in estrogen levels causes thinning of vaginal tissue and a reduction in fluids from the glands, leading to vaginal dryness, itching and burning. The dryness also causes many women to experience painful intercourse because the tissue is thinner, drier and less elastic.

In addition to menopause, estrogen levels can drop from:

  • Cancer treatment
  • Surgical removal of the ovaries
  • Childbirth and breastfeeding
  • Anti-estrogen medications for the treatment of endometriosis and uterine fibroids

An Overview of Female Dryness Cures

Female dryness cures have been around for many years and continue to advance as the medical world and technology evolves. Vaginal dryness caused by decreased estrogen levels can range from a mild annoyance to a severe irritation that causes spotting during and after intercourse.

Depending on the severity, there are numerous female dryness cures available to women. Common female dryness cures include topical estrogen treatments, vaginal moisturizers and vaginal lubricants. Lubricants and moisturizers are an effective way to reduce vaginal dryness, but they are not considered convenient for many women.

MonaLisa Touch™ Vaginal Revitalization as a Long-Lasting Vaginal Dryness Cure

Experiencing dryness ‘down there’ can be a thing of the past thanks to MonaLisa Touch vaginal revitalization. MonaLisa Touch is an in-office, non-surgical treatment that utilizes a controlled CO2 laser system to deliver energy to unhealthy vaginal tissue. The laser energy is designed to revitalize the vaginal tissue cells so they increase collagen production. The additional collagen helps alleviate painful vaginal dryness, itching and burning.

MonaLisa Touch is performed in-office by one of the team members at Mona Lisa Partners. The female dryness cure is virtually pain-free, with only some patients reporting discomfort the first time the probe is inserted in the vaginal canal. The majority of patients will experience alleviated dryness in only three treatments, with each treatment spaced six weeks apart.

Are you experiencing painful vaginal dryness and researching a female dryness cure? Consider MonaLisa Touch™ vaginal revitalization! The Plano, Frisco and Dallas, Texas area office of Mona Lisa Partners is available to discuss this treatment with women looking for a safe, effective and non-surgical option.