Fear of Intimacy? Take Control with MonaLisa Touch™ Vaginal Revitalization

A fear of intimacy can be much more than just an emotional barrier. In many cases, intimacy issues are caused by physical changes. After menopause, it is estimated up to half of women report painful sexual intercourse because of vaginal dryness, burning and itching. Discomfort during intercourse is not only a woman’s issue. The issue often affects the woman’s partner because they are also concerned about sexual encounters causing pain, stress and worry. Women living in the Plano, Frisco and Dallas, Texas area can now take control of their vaginal changes after menopause thanks to MonaLisa Touch™ vaginal revitalization. MonaLisa Touch is a virtually painless and minimally invasive treatment for intimacy issues offered at Mona Lisa Partners.

When Intimacy Issues are Caused by Vaginal Changes

Imagine a candlelight dinner, a movie and a night away from the stresses of the world leads to the bedroom. This may sound like a wonderful evening for many couples, but for some couples the bedroom is where the intimacy ends.

Unfortunately, intimacy issues caused by vaginal changes and painful intercourse are quite common after menopause. Intercourse can become less than pleasant in older adults because of the worry and stress caused by estrogen changes in the female partner.

A diminished estrogen level causes the vaginal tissue to become drier and thinner which leads to a lack of moisture during intercourse. This lack of moisture can cause pain and some minor tearing or bleeding. After a couple experiences painful intercourse, they often develop a fear of intimacy. The woman is worried it will happen again and the man is concerned he will cause discomfort to his partner.

A national speaker on sexual health and dysfunction and a team member at Mona Lisa Partners, Dr. Eric Jacoby states, “Fortunately, there are treatments available to treat the changes that occur after the loss of estrogen due to chemotherapy, surgery or menopause. It is important patients discuss any sexual symptoms they may suffer so therapeutic options can be discussed. Intimacy is a very important aspect of a relationship and when there are issues in the bedroom, they can result in relationship discord and other issues outside the bedroom.”

MonaLisa Touch™ can Help Women as a Treatment for Intimacy Issues

MonaLisa Touch is a relatively new treatment for intimacy issues that is gaining popularity around the world. This laser vaginal rejuvenation system is designed to deliver CO2 energy to the vaginal tissue that stimulates a healing response caused by generation of new collagen within the vaginal cells.

MonaLisa Touch protocol is three in-office, non-surgical treatments, each spaced six weeks apart. The treatment for intimacy issues is virtually painless with many women reporting noticeable vaginal changes after just one treatment.

MonaLisa Touch has been able to rekindle intimacy in thousands of couples. With healthy vaginal tissue, sexual intercourse can once again become a pleasurable experience for both partners.

If you live in the Plano, Frisco and Dallas, Texas communities and are experiencing intimacy issues because of menopause, or would like to discuss treatments for intimacy issues, please contact the office of Mona Lisa Partners to discuss MonaLisa Touch™ vaginal revitalization.