Treatment for Sexual Problems in Females Overview

Years ago, discussing female sexuality in an open environment was rare. Overall, women did not talk about their sexuality and female body changes as freely as they do today. Even though TV programs, commercials and the general public now discuss women’s sexual health on a regular basis, certain women are still embarrassed about their symptoms, have lower self-esteem because of the symptoms and are not comfortable discussing the topic with their partner or physician. This is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, there are various treatments for sexual problems in females available in the Plano, Frisco and Dallas, Texas area if women put their guard down and discuss it with their physician. MonaLisa Touch is one of these options. Mona Lisa treatment, available at Mona Lisa Partners, is a safe, effective and non-surgical way to alleviate painful intercourse and vaginal dryness.

What is Considered Female Sexuality?

Female sexuality includes a broad range of physical activities and psychological experiences that fulfill the physical and emotional need for intimacy and closeness.

It is important to note that sexuality does not just include a woman’s sexual practices. It is much more complex. Sexuality includes how a woman feels about herself (self-esteem), how she relates to others, the physical act of sex and previous sexual experiences.

A woman’s interest in sexual activities is different for each individual. Individual differences are often affected by age, hormone levels, health and overall well-being.

Common Sexual Problems in Females

Sexual problems in females are defined as anything that interferes with a woman’s satisfaction with a sexual activity. When an issue occurs, it is often referred to as female sexual dysfunction (FSD).

To fully understand how sexual problems in females occur, it is important to understand the four stages of the sexual response cycle.

  1. Desire- The “sexual charge” that increases interest in and responsiveness to sexual activity
  2. Plateau- Sexual stimulation and vaginal changes take place- the vagina becomes lubricated for intercourse
  3. Orgasm- At the peak of the plateau stage, a climax is reached
  4. Resolution- The body returns to an unaroused state

The most common sexual problems in females include:

  • An overall lack of sexual desire
  • Difficulties becoming aroused or achieving climax
  • Pain during intercourse- which leads to an overall lack of sexual desire and difficulties becoming aroused or achieving climax in many cases

In older women moving through the stages of menopause, pain during intercourse is typically caused by vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness occurs in many women as estrogen levels gradually diminish.

How Mona Lisa Treatment can Help

MonaLisa Touch is gaining popularity around the world as a treatment for sexual problems in females. This laser vaginal rejuvenation system delivers CO2 energy to the vaginal tissue. This energy stimulates a healing response caused by generation of new collagen within the vaginal cells. With healthy vaginal cells, women experience alleviated vaginal dryness, burning and itching, as well as an increase in sexual pleasure.

Mona Lisa treatment protocol is three in-office, non-surgical treatments, each spaced six weeks apart. The procedure is virtually painless with many women reporting noticeable vaginal changes after just one treatment.

Women living in the Plano, Frisco and Dallas, Texas communities experiencing common sexual problems in females, such as vaginal dryness and painful intercourse, are encouraged to contact Mona Lisa Partners. Our team is available to discuss the many benefits of Mona Lisa treatment as a treatment for sexual problems in females.