An Overview of Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

Female sexual dysfunction is often associated with declining vaginal health caused by breast cancer treatment and early or normal menopause. When a woman’s body experiences a drop in estrogen, numerous unwanted changes begin to occur. Common changes include vaginal dryness, vaginal itching, vaginal burning and painful sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, many women find it difficult to discuss sexual dysfunction with their partner or physician, so vaginal health continues to decline. The physicians at Mona Lisa Partners, located in the Dallas, Plano and Frisco, Texas area, are available to discuss the treatment options available for female sexual dysfunction and women’s health. If treatment is required to restore vaginal health, the MonaLisa Touch™ laser system may be recommended as a female sexual dysfunction treatment.

Female Sexual Dysfunction and Vaginal Health

Sexuality and intimacy are important aspects of any healthy relationship. Sexual intercourse helps keep the spark alive between partners and encourages a strong bond. When vaginal health begins to decline because of menopause, a breast cancer diagnosis or cancer treatment, female sexual dysfunction can occur and place a wedge in the relationship.

Several key factors to female sexual dysfunction are associated with menopause and breast cancer, including changes in hormones, vaginal dryness and stress, anxiety or depression.

A physician at Mona Lisa Partners and a national speaker on sexual health and sexual dysfunction, Dr. Eric Jacoby says, “Many cancer survivors find it difficult to discuss their sexuality and sexual dysfunction with their health care providers. Some common reasons for the lack of communication is that they feel nothing can be done to treat them, or that it is “normal” to have sexual issues after diagnosis and therefore they accept their new “normal”. In addition, some women may be more concerned about recurrence and not think much about their sexuality.”

He continues, “Fortunately, there are treatments available to treat the changes that occur after the loss of estrogen due to chemotherapy, surgery or menopause. It is important that patients discuss any sexual symptoms they may suffer so that therapeutic options can be discussed. Intimacy is a very important aspect of a relationship and when there are issues in the bedroom, they can result in relationship discord and other issues outside the bedroom. The MonaLisa Touch vaginal laser to treat vaginal burning, dryness and painful intercourse is an effective non-hormonal option for these women.”

MonaLisa Touch™ as a Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

MonaLisa Touch is a fairly new treatment option for overall vaginal health. This female sexual dysfunction treatment delivers gentle laser energy to the vaginal wall that stimulates a healing response. The response is caused by cell turnover and the generation of new collagen, an important ingredient in vaginal cell health.

A typical course of treatment is three in-office, non-surgical treatments, each spaced six weeks apart. MonaLisa Touch is virtually painless, has no downtime and no side effects. Thousands of women have been treated all over the world since 2008, with the majority of women reporting increased vaginal health. Dr. Jacoby says, “Most patients begin feeling relief shortly after the first treatment. We have had 100% satisfaction in the over 200 patients we have treated!  The non hormonal, painless and effective treatment makes the MonaLisa Touch laser an ideal way to treat vaginal atrophy and rekindle intimacy.”

If you live in the Dallas, Plano and Frisco, Texas communities and are experiencing female sexual dysfunction associated with declining vaginal health, contact Mona Lisa Partners to determine if you are a candidate for MonaLisa Touch™ as a female sexual dysfunction treatment.