Laser Vaginal Revitalization as a Menopause Treatment

With the natural aging process and menopause, the vagina often becomes drier, thinner and less elastic. Women living in the Plano, Frisco and Dallas, Texas communities may even experience weakened muscles in that area and/or develop abnormal spasms that lead to painful sexual intercourse, pelvic pain or abdominal pain. When the vaginal tissue becomes unhealthy because of menopause, cancer treatment or other body changes that decrease estrogen levels, it is time for treatment. Mona Lisa Partners offers women in the Greater Dallas area MonaLisa Touch™ – a safe and effective menopause treatment utilizing laser vaginal revitalization.

Why Women May Require a Menopause Treatment

Hormonal changes that occur before, during and after menopause can lead to unwanted and troublesome side effects. An estimated 40% of postmenopausal women report one or more symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy. Common symptoms include vaginal dryness, itching and burning, painful intercourse, bleeding or spotting after sex and loss of elasticity.

Once the vaginal tissue begins to lose its health, it is difficult to return with daily vaginal moisturizers, lubricants and hormone therapy, but a menopause treatment is often necessary so women can enjoy sex with their partner and not suffer from embarrassing vaginal changes.

Vaginal Revitalization with MonaLisa Touch™

A safe, effective and long-term menopause treatment that continues to change women’s lives is MonaLisa Touch. MonaLisa Touch is a vaginal revitalization system that utilizes a CO2 fractional laser to relieve common symptoms associated with menopause.

The procedure is virtually painless. A small laser probe is inserted into the vagina and the laser pulses stimulate new collagen production in the wall of the vagina. The overall goal of laser vaginal revitalization is to naturally increase blood flow and lubrication to the vaginal tissue in order to help improve vaginal health. With increased lubrication, the majority of women report decreased burning, itching and dryness, as well as more comfortable sexual intercourse.

Certain patients experience noticeable results after just one MonaLisa Touch vaginal revitalization treatment, but protocol calls for three separate sessions each spaced 6 weeks apart. Patients are encouraged to refrain from intercourse for two days following each menopause treatment, but can commonly return to all other activities with no downtime.

To learn more about menopause treatment using vaginal revitalization, or to schedule an appointment for MonaLisa Touch™, contact the Plano, Frisco and Dallas, Texas area office of Mona Lisa Partners.